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MT01 Mono Toppers

Name:Mono Toppers

ID: MT01

Category:Mono Toppers

This a full bond-able monofilament kippah topper with bleached knots. It can be applied with tape or glue. It is ideal for someone who has no hair on top of their head but still has some hair on the back and sides.



Now available in lengths 10"-24" 

Fine Human Hair Women's Toppers: 

Ideal Use: For balding or thinning near the front area of the scalp. 

Style Description

This unit is designed to integrate with your existing hair. The entire unit is hand-sewn monofilament. The hair is "backwards sewn" so this unit is best used with either a headband or naturally growing hair pulled out in front in or to cover the hair line. This wiglet can also be an ideal solution for the gym when when wearing a sweat band. Because the unit is monofilament and 6" wide it can be middle or side parted. The unit comes with clips and can also be taped to the scalp. 


◣Overall lengths available 10"-24" (measuring from the crown). 

◣Overall Cap size: 6"x3.5" 

◣Monofilament area: 6"x3.5" 

◣The perimeter of the unit is has a poly lining so clips can be removed and the unit can be taped to a completely bald scalp for those experiencing complete frontal hair-loss. 

◣3 clips hold this unit in place. 

◣1/2" poly strip around inside perimeter. 

Other Details 

◣ Remy (cuticles intact) double drawn fine 100% human hair. 

◣Hair texture: Available in straight or wavy. Wavy: Dries naturally wavy but can also be blown straight or hold a curl using heat styling tools. 

◣Straight: Dries naturally straight but can also hold a curl or a wave using heat styling tools. 

◣A hand-sewn Monofilament top. 

◣Hair vented at hairline for an undetecably finished look. 

◣Multi-directional hair on scalp can be parted anywhere on top of the scalp in the Monofilament area (6"x3.5") 

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